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Place and Location: Fifty States of America

Exploring the locations and characteristics that make each region and/or states of the United States unique
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Students will be able to...

  • identify the location of each of the fifty states
  • provide region specific examples to answer 'How does where you live influence how you live?'
Social Studies
Grades 4 – 7
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1 Video Hook

Free to try, Paid

Flocabulary has the 50 States and Capitals video and there are a variety of state songs/videos on YouTube. Tour the States is the student favorite.

Student Instructions

Watch the video(s).

2 Individual Practice Stations

Provide the students with individual options for practicing the locations of the states: 50 States app (for Android), Geography Drive USA (iPad), Stack the States, TapQuiz Maps World, or dry erase boards to label.

Student Instructions

Practicing the locations of the states: 50 States app (for Android), Geography Drive USA (iPad), Stack the States, TapQuiz Maps World, or dry erase boards to label.

3 Exploration of States

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Prezi Classic
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This can either be created by the teacher ahead of time or croud source and have the students complete it. Using either Thinglink or Prezi, upload a map of one of the regions in the United States. On top of each state, add text with details about the state (abbreviation, capital, state motto, date joined the country, fun facts, etc) and a tourism video for the state.  

Give students time to explore each region. 

4 Formative Assessment of Locations

Both Formative and Kahoot are perfect entire class formative assessment tools. Formative will allow you to watch students draw their answers - so you could list a state and they would have to draw it. Kahoot would take more time to set up initially, but you can upload images of each state and write multiple choice questions around the images. 

5 Application of State Knowledge

Students will answer the unit essential question 'How does where you life influence how you live?' They must provide an example from each of the four regions (northeast, south, midwest, and west) of the United States. Students should think back to the Exploration of the States with either Prezi or Thinglink. They can use Show Mapping Worlds or thematic maps from National Geographic to support their responses.