Lesson Plan

Photography Research

Students will use iPads to create a research presentation

Students will be able to take photos of nature and set up slide show presentation of the project.

English Language Arts
Grades 4 – 12
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1 Photograph Nature

Activity: Other — Camera

Chose a plant in nature, and capture crisp and clear images of the plant.

2 Reverse Image Search

Activity: Other — Reversee Image Search

Students will use the app Reversee- Reverse Image Search to find other pictures similar to the one they took. Students will choose a plant that nearly identical or appears similar to their picture and visit the website to learn more about the plant.

3 Research Plant

Activity: Exploring

Students will try to discover what type of plant they have found.

4 Take Notes

Students will record any notes or discoveries about their plant that they had found in Notability.

5 Research Paper


Students will write a research paper with the information they found about their plant, including the original picture they took along with any images they found that led to their discovery of what type of plant it was.

6 Submit Research Paper

Free, Paid

Students will submit their final project in Showbie.