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Phonics Fun with Lexia Reading Core5

Use this variety of engaging, quality tech tools to build (and assess) phonics skills.
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Students will demonstarte increased phonics skills (e.g. phonics and basic decoding) upon completing this App Flow.

English Language Arts
Grades Pre-K – 1
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1 Hook

Who doesn't love a good story? A well selected, quality children's book is one of the best ways to engage students and focus their minds on a lesson. Carefully selected, the right title can activate prior knowledge, build comprehension and vocabulary in a subject, and encourage curiosity in the topic to be addressed. The Reading Rainbow app offers all of this by making a wide variety of books available to you and your class on an iPad or Kindle. Select a title that fits a current interest or classroom theme and share the story whole group using a projector or display monitor. Model the use of phonics skills by decoding select words with the class.

2 Direct Instruction and Independent Practice

Intended to be a stand alone ELA skills program, Lexia Reading Core5 is, well, the core of this App Flow. The site, which tracks student performance and modifies the activities accordingly is a terrific way to build essential reading skills as students work independently. However, before that can happen, students must be comfortable with the site and it's use. Begin a whole group lesson by discussing the target phonics/decoding skills highlighted in the “hook” (e.g. decoding CVC words). Create a mock student profile to demonstrate how to log-in, navigate, and the general format of the games as students watch. This may need to be done multiple times to ensure the class has a high level of competence using Core5.


When you determine the class is ready, Core5 is a great way to work with small groups or one-on-one while students work on classroom devices. Allow each student multiple opportunities to use the site to fully develop the target skills.

3 Wrap-up

While Core5 is a stand alone program, testing student skills in other formats can be informative. Duck Duck Moose Reading, like all DDM apps, offers three things that make it appealing in the classroom; educational quality, engaging for students, and in-app performance tracking. Make the app available at an open center device or have students cycle through, using the app one at a time. Use the tracking screen to measure student progress, providing appropriate intervention as needed.