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Phoneme isolating/Medial sounds/Fluency Fun

Isolating initial, final, and medial sounds

In small groups students will playing a variety of games that will help with isolating phonemes. Especially the medial sounds /e/ /a/ /i/ /u/ /o/.

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http://www.fcrr.orgI will go over the medial sounds in whole group.

Phonemic Awareness: /r/o/k/, /s/o/k/, /s/i/k, /p/i/k, /p/i/n/, p/e/n/, /r/u/n/,/r/a/n/,/s/u/n/.

Phonics: With personal white boards and erasers write the words: sun, run, pin, sin, pen, *clock, sock, *slack, pack, rack, tuck, Nick, Ken, *slick.

* Only the higher level students will be asked these words.

Small groups games:


Phonological Awareness

Phoneme Isolating : Sound Quest

Objective: The student will isolate initial, finial, and medial phonemes in words.

Materials: Double-picture cards, student sheet, scissors, and glue. * Head of the shark denotes the beginning sound, the body of the shark denotes the medial sound, and the tail denotes the final sound.

Activity: Students sort pictures according to the sounds.  please see link at the top of the page for further detail. 



Student Instructions

Sound Quest: Cut out picture card, name the pictures, and see if the pictures share the same beginning sound, medial sound, or end sound. EX: dog and domino share the same beginning sound. Glue the pictures either under the shark's head, body, or tail. Head= beginning sounds, body=middle sounds and tail=ending sounds.