Lesson Plan

Persuasive Letter Writing (Veterans Day Memorials)

Students will write a persuasive letter with a clear topic, supporting details, and conclusion.
Meghan P.
Special Education Instructor
Northwestern Elementary School
Albion, PA
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Students will be able to...

1.  Use persuasive wriitng to convince someone about a great idea.

2.  Write an opinion letter to a specific person to convince them about a great idea using a combination of digital tools.

English Language Arts
Grades 3 - 4
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1 Hook

Activity: Reading

Teaching Methods:

  • SMARTBoard lesson/slides
  • Scholastic News Article "Army of One"


  • Read aloud article
  • Model and highlight important key details


  1. Teacher will introduce "Army of One" article on SMARTBoard lesson.
  2. Teacher will build background and activate prior knowledge of Veterans and memorials through a brief discussion of looking at pictures, headings, and caption in article.
  3. Teacher will read aloud article, stopping and monitoring understanding of main idea and details through highlighting important parts in the article.
  4. Teacher will discuss the importance of the article and how it was written to persuade an audience.
Student Instructions
  • Students will engage in discussions on Veterans and memorials.
  • Students will listen to reading of article and highlight important key parts in their copy of the article.

2 Direct Instruction

Teaching Methods:

Teaching Strategies:


  1. Teacher will login to Learnzillion on iPad and show the Learnzillion video on writing a persuasive letter through the Apple TV/SMARTBoard.
  2. Teacher will stop video and discuss points with students and how they will write a letter persuading their audience the importance of making a war memorial for our Veterans.
Student Instructions
  • Students will engage in discussions on Veterans and memorials.

  • Students will watch Learnzillion video on SMARTBoard.

3 Guided Practice

Teaching Methods:

  • Create and monitor sticky-note ideas through lino app on iPad for class brainstorming session.

Teaching Strategies:

  • Modeling
  • Scaffolding


1.  Teacher will have students login to lino app on their individual iPads.

2.  Teacher will model examples on own iPad and project on AppleTV their instructions for brainstorming their ideas and supports/reasons for making a war memorial for our Veterans who served our country in a war.

3.  Teacher will scaffold student progress on lino app and their brainstorming supports for their persuasive writing.

Student Instructions
  • Students will login to lino app and create sticky-notes for big idea Veterans Memorial.
  • Students will brainstorm supports for making a memorial for veterans on lino app on iPad (just like Frank Woodruff Buckles efforts in the "Army of One" article).

4 Independent Practice

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Teaching Methods:

  • Use Google Drive to create writing document (persuasive letter).
  • Monitor and scaffold student writing on Google Drive.


  • Monitor and scaffold Google Drive progress on Macbooks.


  1. Teacher will have students login and create a word document on Google Drive using Macbooks. 
  2. Students will share their writing document with teacher email (can edit).
  3. Teacher will have students write a persuasive letter to convince an audience the importance of a Veterans memorial and support their argument using ideas they added to their lino app brainstorming session.
  4. Teacher will have example of letter on SMARTBoard for students to refer to.
  5. Teacher will login and monitor individual student progress through Google Drive.  Teacher will comment and provide immediate feedback on topic, supports, conclusion, and conventions of writing.
Student Instructions
  • Students will login to Google accounts on Macbooks.
  • Students will write a peruasive letter by creating a word document in Google Drive and sharing with teacher for editing support.
  • Students will use lino app on iPad to refer to for supports/reasons/ideas on their topic.
  • Students need to have a clear topic, supporting details (from lino app), and conclusion, with correct conventions.
  • Students will have writing rubric to refer to when writing/publishing their persuasive letter.

5 Wrap-Up


Teaching Methods:

  • Voicethread (video) of students recording their reading of their persuasive letter


  • Student recording fluent reading of their own persuasive letter.
  • Teacher model and scaffold voicethread


  1. Teacher will create a main thread using Voicethread app on iPad.
  2. Students will login on own iPads and record their reading of their persuasive letter by creating a video of their reading their persuasive letter into the thread.
  3. Teacher will model and scaffold process as needed.
  4. Students will watch the entire thread when the small group has finished their own voicethread videos.
  5. Teacher will provide feedback on Voicethread and model how students can do the same.
  6. The teacher will scaffold students providing feedback to their peers on the Voicethread.
Student Instructions
  • Students will login to Voicethread on iPad.
  • Students will record their reading of the persuasive letter through a voicethread video.
  • Students will watch and listen to their peers Voicethread when finished.
  • Students will provide feedback on their letter to each other through the voicethread app.