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Persuasive Commercial

Create a 30 second Persuasive Commercial
Jamey B.
Instructional Coach
Central Community College
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My Grades 12
My Subjects English Language Arts

Students will be able to produce a 30 second commercial for TV or radio.

Students will use proper word choice and tone for the commercial.

Students will state their persuasive topic with one argument (Logical or Emotional).

Students will properly reference evidence material.

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 5 – 12
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1 Write Script

This activity is designed to be used with writing a persuasive essay.  Students should have their topic chosen and some research done for their topic.

Have students open a Google doc or Word document to write their commercial. If they choose to use an online option they can copy and paste the text into the text option.

Student Instructions

Write a 30 second commercial for TV or radio that clearly highlights your persuasive topic and one argument (Logical or Emotional). Argument material must be properly referenced (EX: The Omaha World Herald article "...." revealed...)

Peer edit for word choice and voice.

Practice the timing.

2 Produce Commercial

Depending on the technology and the LMS you have in your school will dictate what file types you ask for.  I ask for MPS for audio and the movie format in mov or mp4. If they use an online option then the students can just share the link to their commercial.

If students do their own filming, be prepared to allow them time to film and edit their commercial.

Student Instructions

Decide if you are doing a TV or radio commercial.  Then explore the options for producing that type of commercial. Produce your commercial according to the tool you have chosen.