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Personalized Vocabulary Development with Quizlet and Quizalize

Time saving tips for personalizing vocabulary development and checking understanding
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Students will develop, acquire and accurately use vocabulary in context, based on their language needs.   Together with their teacher, they select and create vocabulary lists from a given reading selection. As they learn new/unknown words in context, students will determine definitions, as well as clarify definitions and use of multiple meaning words and phrases and be able to apply knowledge of language to understand vocabulary terms in different contexts.

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Grades 6 – 12
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1 Vocabulary Selection from Informational Text

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After providing students with an informational reading selection (teacher or student selected), students will perform a preliminary read of the article to identify new vocabulary. Based on student's language needs, learners will develop a personalized list of vocabulary words. and create a Quizlet study set.

Check study sets for accuracy and allow students time to review the new words and quiz themselves using Quizlet's study and game features.

Student Instructions

After a preliminary read of a given reading passage, create a Quizlet study set of 12 words that are you have never seen or perhaps have seen but their definitions are unknown and therefore, you are not comfortable using.  Once the study set is complete, please share it with your teacher for review before proceeding to the next step.  

Once it has been check for accuracy and any errors corrected, review the words using Quizlet's study and game mode in preparation for a quiz to check your ability to understand these new words in context. 

2 Export the Quizlet Study Set and Import into Quizalize

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After reviewing the Quizlet study set for accuracy, export it from Quizlet and import it into Quizalize for formative assessment and/or to provide students with a reviewing tool.

Student Instructions

Once your study set is reviewed for accuracy,  your teacher will provide and link to a review game in Quizalize to check your understanding of the new words you identified.  

Quizalize will provide you and your teacher feedback as to your ability to understand these words in context.