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Personalize and Engage

These sites allow students to explore interests and dive deeper into topics
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Students will be able to...

Explore topics of interest to them

Extend learning of current events and trends

Collaborate with others who share similar interests

Collaborate with others to increase their global awareness

Reflect on their own personal learning path

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 3 – 6
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1 Exploring an Interest Profile

Free, Paid

Thrively is a great tool that connects students with topics and learning paths that interest them based on a fairly extensive profile that students (and their teachers) complete. 

Teachers can see and evaluate the students' interest profile, more about how students learn, career paths of interest and even which students have similar interests. 

Teachers will need to create an account on Thrively.  This provides a code that students can put in which allows them to join the teacher's class.

This site is great for students who need learning extensions, are working on a genius hour/passion project.  

2 Collaborating Globally and Paying it Forward

This site is a great way for students to explore their own creativity and the creative ideas of others, all the while doing great things on a global scale.  Kids love this site because as their share comments and creations, they can earn coin credits to customize a "bot". 

Students can sign in individually, but as a teacher, you are able to monitor activity and progress if you create accounts under your own login. 

Create a teacher account and then you can create student accounts individually.  This video will show you how:


This is a great site to direct students to as a "can-do"/fast finishers activity, or even to jump start a passion project or service learning project. 

Student Instructions

Choose a path that you'd like to explore and learn more about.   Many will ask you to share your own amazing creations.  As  you share and comment, you'll get coins to customize your own bot! 

3 I Wonder...

Wonderpolis is a great way for students to explore highly engaging and informative topics, and even submit their own "I wonder" questions.  

In addition to being a great site for personalized choices, it is  also a perfect way for students to develop reading comprehension skills.  Non-fiction text structures and text features can be found throughout.  This is a great whole class (or small group) activity, especially with an interactive white board.  Students can digitally "mark up" the article. 

It is also a great site for working on main ideas and supporting details. 

At this time, there is no quiz option, but students can contribute comments.  

Teachers could create a Google Form to collect student responses to the text For example:

What is the main idea of the text? What details support the main idea?  What is the author's purpose?

Bonus: This site also offers vocabulary support.  Many words are highlighted in yellow. Hovering over it will give a definition of the word. Great for English Language Learners!

Wonderopolis also offers a "Summer Camp" option, where students can login, explore and earn points. 

4 Reflect

This site is a great site for curating student reflections and work.  

It is excellent for having students explain their thinking, their learning process, their "aha" moments and their challenges.  

After students have explored topics and ideas that are interesting to them using other tools in this lesson flow, have them reflect on what they learned, what questions they still have and what their next steps might be. 

It is super easy to get started with this program and it can be used on devices as a free app as well as the website.  You create a class, and add your students.  It will give you a QR code that you can print out.  It also gives the option for a temporary text code if no QR apps/readers are available.  

Students can upload their own content, or you can do it and tag it to them.   Individual student portfolios can be shared out with parents. 

Student Instructions

Open the SeeSaw app, scan the  QR code and add your content (might be a video, a picture, a document, a drawing explaining a concept or process).  Then, find your name in the list of classmates and click it.