We're retiring teacher-created lesson plans in September 2021. Please save copies for your records. Common Sense digital citizenship lessons are here to stay.
Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

Personal Diaries/Journals with Book Creator and Google Drive

Students create a "Digital Diary" or journal with the Book Creator app
Brad M.
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Students will be able to...

Create a digital diary or journal with text, drawings, pictures, audio, and video. 

Demonstrate proficiency in grade/age appropriate grammatical and language skills.

Demonstrate proficiency in grade/age appropriate technology skills.

Share their digital creations (according to school policy).

English Language Arts
Grades 1 – 5
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

Create a digital diary of your own for two purposes 1. to show the students and 2. to familiarize yourself with the functions of the Book Creator app. Make sure to add images, videos, audio, drawings, and of course text to show the students. I recommend starting this activity about halfway through the year as a transition from a hand written diary or journal, so that students are familiar with the concept, to a digital diary or journal. 

Student Instructions

You will be creating a "digital diary." As you have seen in the example you may add pictures, drawings, videos and writing. We will be using the Book Creator app to make our digital diaries and I will help you share and store them in Google Drive. Please flip through my example to get a good idea of what yours may look like. Be as creative and colorful as you like!

2 Direct Instruction - Create a Cover Page

Day 1 - Walk the students through the creation of their cover page. Assist them with creating a title, adding their photo, and putting their name beneath it. This may be their first experience with the app so be patient and make sure everyone understands the basic operation of the app. 

Student Instructions

Today we will learn how to use the Book creator app and create our cover page.Your cover page should contain a title, your picture, and your name. 

3 Guided Practice - Their First Entry

Day 2 - Guided practice is a great step for their first entry. Some students will be comfortable with the app and proceed on their own, others will need more assistance. Choose the topic and remind them that they can use text, images, and/or drawings  in any combination to express their thoughts on the topic. 

Student Instructions

Today you will create for first digital diary/journal entry. Use a text box to enter the date and topic at the top, then create your response beneath. Be as creative and thoughtful as you like. I will circulate around the room and offer assistance and make suggestions as needed. 

4 Independent Practice - Their first independent entry

Day 3 - All students should be able to independently create with the app, but be aware of those who may still need assistance. Make sure to review their previous entry to make sure they are on track and meeting your specific expectations. Have them make their 2nd entry by themselves. You choose the topic. I recommend a time limit, just as with a traditional journal, so that they work towards one complete entry in a reasonable amount of time. 

Student Instructions

Today you will complete your second digital diary entry by yourself. Remember to use a text box with the date and topic at the top of the page, then add images, drawings, videos, and more text as you see fit. 

5 Wrap-Up - Daily/Weekly updates and Sharing w/ Google Drive

Students should be proficient with the app and adding entries according to your set schedule (daily, weekly, etc). Check their entries for both content and technical aptitude and address any issues. Book Creator creations can be uploaded to Google Drive as .epub, PDF, and other files for back up and sharing purposes. Teach this functionality and have students perform this task on a weekly basis (older students may have their own account, younger students can use yours). The back-up in Google Drive  is great for safety/review purposes,  and you can share a link to it with parents for sharing.  

Student Instructions

Today we will learn to save a copy of our digital diary in Google Drive and how to share it so our family can see what we have made.