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Periodic Table: Element Advertisements

Students create a catchy advertisement for their chosen element using various apps and websites for inspiration and research.
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Students will research via websites and videos an assigned element and create an advertisement for that element to share with the class.  Each student will then contribute to a class project to create a flip book of favorite elements.

Grades 8
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1 Hook

Free to try, Paid

This comes after learning about the history of the periodic Table.   Have students listen and watch the video.  Discuss as a class words or concepts students recognized and draw a concept map linking the ideas as a whole class.  You are modeling to the students how to make sense of the scientific vocabulary.  Then have the students use the scaffolded lyrics in which they fill in the blanks while they watch the video again 

Discuss techniques or methods the artists used to help make the concepts clear for instance, repetition of words or ideas and having the lyrics shown on the screen while the song is playing.

2 Guided Practice

Use NOVA Elements periodic table up on the classroom screen to demonstrate how easy it is to use and show a video to demonstrate how the videos give enhanced information that are useful and entertaining.  The videos on Copper and Gold are fun to watch.  Model to the students how to summarize the interesting facts or concepts from the video by summarizing the video as a class in one paragraph.  For the element advertisement, students are required to have two fun facts so this website is a great resource.

Students can also use webelements.com or chemicalelements.com for simple facts about the elements. 

Have students research their elements online for two days.  The students will need to accumulate images for their advertisement.  TEDEd has many videos for the elements that may come in handy – some are short and some are long but they are entertaining.  


3 Independent Practice

Activity: Creating

Have students use Prezzi to create their advertisements.  This program is intuitvie and students will quickly pick up ways to add their own touch to their presentation.  Use the Flowcabulary example as a reminder of advertisement hooks.  Here is a typical criteria list for such an assignment:

1.  Element "stats" :  Name, symbol, atomic number, atomic mass, density, Melting and Boiling points (oC) and common structure at room temperature and pressure for instance phase and color.  

2.  History:  Origin of name, Discoverer, Date of Discovery

3.  Uses/Applications:  Describe two uses for this element.

4.  Common Compounds:  Describe a common compound of this element and its use.

5.  Images:  Element in its raw state, use of element, Periodic Table Square.

6.  Fun Facts:  3 Interesting facts that you discovered about the element while researching.  

7.  Works Cited: If students are struggling, EasyBib.com may come in useful along with any information your school provides.  

All this information should be woven together in an advertisement for the element.  

4 Wrap up

After students have presented their advertisements to the class, give the students one night to pick their favorite element and give reasons why.  The students should have the following:

1.  Element Periodic Square

2.  One picture of the element 

3.  A short paragraph describing why they chose this element.  Often a Sentence starters will help with this process.  Require at least 4 sentences with 2 of them involving interesting facts.  For instance:

Hello my name is _______________ and my favorite element is ______________.  This element reminds me of ________________.  I picked this element because _________________.  One interesting fact about this element is ____________________.  And I also thought it was amazing that _________________________.

Have the students practice their paragraphs then enter it on Adobe Voice.  Your class can make their own flip book or if you have multiple classes, each class can make a flip book. It's a great way to involve everyone in the class.