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Perimeter and Area Real World Practice

Students will practice solving perimeter and area problems using real world examples.
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Students will be able to...

  • Calculate the area and perimeter of rectangles from partial information in mathematical problems.
  • Apply the area and perimeter formulas to create rectangles of the correct size when given the area or perimeter in real world problems.
  • Create squares and rectangles to specified area and perimeter dimensions.


This lesson assumes that the students are already familiar with using the iPad and lesson apps. Most of the learning will occur through independent activities that the students will complete using the iPads, with the role of the teacher being support for students who are struggling and the goal being for students to develop a deeper understanding of the concepts on their own or through collaboration with their peers.

Instructions will be delivered to students via Schoology, with collaboration time that will provide students with the opportunity to assist each other in clarifying and learning cooperatively.   Given that this structure allows students to work at their own pace, it is likely that some students will finish much earlier than others. These students can either become classroom helpers to assist those or are struggling with the activities, or be assigned extension activities to challenge them.   The teacher should review student assignment submissions prior to a student being “done” to determine if adequate time and effort was devoted to the lesson.

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1 Hook

Free to try, Paid

Direct students to the Area and Perimeter folder in Schoology, then the the Flocabulary Area and Perimeter Rap Song page.   Remind students to use the "Next" button to proceed through the activities in order, but that they may revisit resources on previous pages as needed.   Students should use headphones while viewing the initial video, but can work in pairs for subsequent activities.  Circulate through the room as students view the video.

Student Instructions

Area and perimeter are mathematical calculations that help us in the real world.   Weather we are trying to figure out if a piece of carpet will fit in our bedroom or if a puzzle will fit onto a table, these two calculations will give us the information that we need! Watch the Flocabulary video below to refresh your memory of how area and perimeter are calculated.  You may replay the rap as many times as you need to and may want to take notes as you watch to help you remember how to calculate both area and perimeter.

2 Access Prior Knowledge

Circulate as students watch the LearnZillion videos, answering questions and assisting as needed.   The digital worksheet from LearnZillion lesson 13. Applying Area and Perimeter will need to be uploaded to Schoology for students to access prior to the lesson.    Assist students in downloading the worksheet to their iPads, then opening and annotating it using the PDF Cabinet app as needed.    It is assumed that students have had practice with using this app prior to the lesson.

Digit worksheet link -  https://learnzillion.com/lesson_plans/3656#lesson-tab

Student Instructions

Watch these LearnZillion videos to review how to determine perimeter and area.  Later you will complete some Practice/Check for Understanding activities to see what you know!  You do NOT need to watch every video.  They are here to help you, but please enter your real first name so I can give you credit for the videos that you view.  You may revisit these videos as often as necessary!


Learnzillion:  Finding the perimeter of a square or rectangle by adding side lengths

Learnzillion:  Finding missing side lengths using the formula for perimeter

Learnzillion:  Finding area using multiplication

3 Practice/Check for Understanding

Monitor students as they practice using the online resources, assisting as needed.  These BrainPop activities do NOT require a paid account.

Student Instructions

Use the links below to practice calculating Area and Perimeter.   Take screenshots of your final scores to submit to the "Check for Understanding" Assignment so I can see what you’ve done.   You may take the quiz and play the game as many times as you want to get your best score!

BrainPop!  Perimeter Quiz

BrainPop! Area Builder Game

4 Skill Application & Wrap-Up

Observe students as they complete the Zoo Designer activity.   Assist as needed.

Student Instructions

You will now get to apply what you have learned by acting as a zoo designer.   It will be your responsibility to design fenced in areas for each animal based on the information you will be given.    Get it right and the animals will live happily in the zoo.   Get it wrong and you will sadly be fired.   The zoo can't have animals running around, after all!    Take a screenshot of your final certificate to show that you successfully completed the activity and submit to to the Zoo Designer Assignment in Schoology.

iPad Zoo Designer Website

laptop website :  http://mrnussbaum.com/zoo/