Lesson Plan

Perfectly Pesky Pronouns

An investigation into the six types of pronouns
Lisa P.
Classroom teacher
Rolling Ridge Elem
Harbor Creek, United States
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My Grades 6
My Subjects English Language Arts

Students will be able to...

  • name the six types of pronouns
  • identify which pronoun belongs in each pronoun group type
  • select the correct pronoun to be used in a specific sentence
  • create sentences using pronouns
English Language Arts
Grades 6
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1 Hook

Begin to engage the students by showing them the video "Grammar Rock Pronoun".  Project this video on the Smart Board.  You may use the link below:


Acknowledge that you realize the students already know what pronouns are from previous grade levels.  

Tell the students that today we are going to take pronouns to the next level...the sixth grade level.

2 Direct Instruction

  1. Have the students view the Educreations presentation that I created for pronouns on individual iPads.  This presentation introduces the six types of pronouns (subject, object, reflexive, indefinite, demonstrative, and interrogative).
  2. Allowing the students to view the Educreations presentation on individual iPads permits the students to pause as needed or review a section that they may not understand.
  3. Practice pronouns by using a Smart Board lesson utilizing the multiple choice tool from the Interactive Toolkit, the students will read 4 different sentences and choose the appropriate pronoun for each sentence.

3 Guided Practice

Free, Paid
  1. Pair the students with a partner.
  2. Give each pair of students a type of pronoun (subject, object, reflexive, indefinite, demonstrative, and interrogative).
  3. Using the Padlet app on the iPad, the students will write a sentence using the proper pronoun for the type they were given making sure to identify the pronoun.
  4. The teacher will be able to check for student understanding based upon the sentences that are posted.
  5. The students will view the other sentences and gain further understanding.
Student Instructions

Working with your partner, you will post the following information on the Padlet app using an iPad:

  1. Your names
  2. The type of pronoun you were given
  3. A sentence using the proper pronoun for the type
  4. Identify the pronoun in the sentence

4 Independent Practice

Free, Paid
  1. Using questions I have created on Kahoot, I will engage the students in a real-time formative assessment projected on the Smart Board in which they can use gaming elements to answer questions.  
  2. The immediate information obtained from the Kahoot assessment will allow me to know which students need further instruction in a small group setting.
  3. Students who need further instruction will be pulled for small group work.
  4. Students who have shown mastery of the types of pronouns wil continue on to the activity in the Wrap-Up section.

5 Wrap-Up

Activity: Other — Handouts app (type handouts.in to access) This is a paperless handout app - Graphite.org would not allow it as a digital tool
  1. Using the Handouts app, I will import the worksheet I created to assess the students' knowledge of the types of pronouns reviewed today.
  2. The students will complete the worksheet using the iPad.  
  3. I will correct this summative assessment for a grade and will provide feedback to the students.
Student Instructions
  1. Complete the worksheet using the Handout app on the iPad.
  2. Submit the worksheet when you are done.