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People Who Have Made A Difference

In this lessons students will take important facts from a person who has made a difference and put them in a Powerpoint. Three images will be included.
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  • Students will be able to research a person who has made a difference and sequence the different important parts of their life
  • Students will be able to use Powerpoint as a platform to present their findings.
English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 1 – 2
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1 People Who Have Made A Difference

Teacher reads a short story of a famous person who has made a difference.  She then with the class ask s for them to tell her what are some important events that this person went through.  Teacher shows students how to download several pictures. She asks students to help her put some  pictures in order, on Powerpoint.  After they do that they discuss. Why did they think one picture went before the other? What clues helped them decide?  What do they notice in the pictures?  She at this time discusses and shows how to make transitions and add text.  


Student Instructions

Students will then download and save 3-5 pictures from a person that they have studied and researched about before.  They will then make a slide show, showcasing the different images and corresponding facts.  There will be a title slide and concluding slide as well.  Transitions between each slide will be a requirement.

2 Guided Practice

Teacher will work with students to create a title page and download a picture.  At  this time, teacher will go over how to add transitions again. Checking to see if the students are all able make a transition on their slide.  After, this is completed, sudents will be able to independently work on their projects