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PenPal Exchange

A lesson where people of all ages discover other cultures, and share perspectives on a variety of topics
Stacy W.
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My Grades 4
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Students will be able to...

Complete a 6 week online course focused on  different aspects of life in their PenPal’s country. Assignments include high-quality videos, texts, and discussion questions that get students practicing critical reading and writing skills while engaging in meaningful conversations. 

At the end of the course students will reflect on what they’ve learned through a collaborative project with their PenPal. Students can continue to chat with their PenPals after the course has ended, and both students and teachers can sign up for another course at any time.

English Language Arts
Grades 4
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1 Hook

Show class pen pal video on home screen of website. Explain to the class that they will be paired with pen pals from across the world.

2 Direct Instruction

Go onto PenPal Schools and sign up for a start date and lesson subject.

Student Instructions

(1) Students log into Google Classroom to receive class code and link to website.  Once on the website, students fill out username/password information.

(2) Once students are in PenPal Schools they need to fill out a question box stating, "If your pen pal visted your country what would you like them to see?" I had each student fill out their answer using Google Docs.  

(3) Transfer paragraph into PenPal Schools.

3 Guided Practice/Independent Practice

Once a week give students time to answer PenPal questions.  

Student Instructions

Students read and answer questions given to them through PenPal Schools.