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Pearl Harbor

This lesson is on the battle of Pearl Harbor.
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Students will be able to... Identify the causes of the battle

identify the mistakes made by the United States

create a timeline and map that describes the events in the battle

Social Studies
Grades 6 – 8
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

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show video on the link above

kahoot questions

what country attacked the U.S. at Pearl Harbor

what war did the U.S enter after the battle of Pearl Harbor?

What important battle ship was destroyed?

what warning was ignored that could have alerted the U.S. to the attack?




what war did U.S. enter folowing the 




Student Instructions

watch video 

answer the kahoot prior knowledge questions

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Reading

students will do vocab work, ship recognition paper

reading timeline, jigsaw

students will give oral report 

Student Instructions

vocab and ship recognition worksheet

students will read their specific time in the timeline reading

students will report to class what happened in their reading selection

3 Guided practice

provide pictures of battle/map of Ford Island

poster board

markers/crayons/glue/scissors etc.


Student Instructions

students will make a map on poster board with a timeline, pictures, and drawing of Ford Island and location of important ships present at battle.

4 Independent practice

Activity: Presenting

prepare rubric for presentations and explain it to students as presenters and active listeners

Student Instructions

students will present their posters and hang them on wall

5 Wrap-up

use the 3d doodler to write one word that describes the students feelings after the Pearl Harbor Lesson

Student Instructions

Students will take turns creating their word and will put it on their poster