Lesson Plan

PBL Introduction and Development

General outline and tools on how to create a student-driven PBL from start to finish.
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My Grades 6, 8
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Students will be able to...

  • Create an argument based on a common theme
  • Assess multimedia resources
  • Evaluate arguments and develop an opinion that is supported by evidence
  • Develop steps to create a final PBL product
  • Establish student generated benchmarks and rubrics
  • Reflect on success and failures as a learning exeprience
Social Studies
Grades 6 – 8
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1 The Hook

Introduce the new unit of study (i.e. Ancient Egypy) and have students use video websites like BrainPop, YouTube, TeacherTube, etc. to explore topics in the unit and find interest in a topic.

Student Instructions

Expore the website and see what topic interests you the most.

2 Team Up

Google Drive
Free, Paid
  • Find other students that have similar interest in a topic. This will be your group for the PBL.
  • Create a Google Doc that is shared with all members of the group. This is going to be the "living document" that will house all your ideas, research, planning, etc.

3 Plan the PBL

Have class meet as a whole and decide what the PBL should be, benchmarks, and rubrics.

Student Instructions

As a whole class:

  • What should the PBL address? (Driving question)
  • End Date on PBL (Either done cooperatively or assigned by teacher)

As a PBL group (Small Group)

  • Create the driving question
  • Decide on the final product of the PBL
  • Assign parts or teams for the PBL benchmarks
  • Create a schedule for the benchmarks using Google Calendar and share a common calendar amongs the small group and teacher
  • Create a rubric for the group using Rubistar

4 Research, Present, and Reflect

During this time, facilitate students as they research. Research may be done using many forms of media, both tech and non-tech. 

Keep students on task for the established due date for the final products.

Student Instructions
  1. Research your topic using credible resources from multiple forms of media
  2. Meet all group-assigned benchmarks
  3. Create your final product 
  4. Grade your group using the student-generated rubric
  5. Publish the PBL
  6. Reflect on the project using class blog and comment on the relections of other groups/students