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Partial Quotients

Using Partial Quotients to solve Division Problems.
Gilbert R.
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My Grades 5
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Students will be able to...use partial quotients to divide by 2-digit divisors.

Grades 5
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1 Prior Knowledge

Prior Knowledge using Problem of the Day

Student Instructions

write the given multiplication problems on the smart board to discuss the pattern of zeros. Students state a rule that can be used to find the product of a number and 10 using only mental matlh

2 Prerequisite Skills

Activity: Conversing

Show what you know:

Student Instructions

Show what you know.

What is the meaning of division?

Multiply 3 and 4 Digit questions.

Estimate with 1-Digit Divisors.

3 Mini Lesson

Unlock the Problem : p. 73 and 74

Guide students to divide by using the steps to partial quotients. 

Student Instructions

Read the problem and discuss the relationship of the information. 

Higher Order Questions:- 

1. Why is division used to solve this problem?

2. What are you adding when you add all of the partial quotient

4 Class Activity:

Activity: Conversing

Share and Show:





Assessment : Page 75

Student Instructions

Students divide using partial quotients.

Higher Order Questions :

1. Explain what the greatest possible whole number remainder is if you  divide any number by 23.

5 Small Group/Independent Work and Learning Tasks (Differentiated)

Activity: Assessing

Time to reflect:

Essential Question:

Student Instructions


How can I use partial quotients to divide by 2 digit divisors


Home Work: Practice Bookplate 37  38.