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Países hispanohablantes

This units contains information about Spanish speaking countries around the world.
Henry Gerardo M.
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Stamford American Internatioanl School
Singapore, Singapore
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My Grades 3, 4, 5
My Subjects World Languages

Students will be able to talk about the culture of Spanish speaking countries.

Students will be able to use vocabulary about food, music, sports and other basic information about a Spanish speaking country.

World Languages
Grades 3 – 4
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1 Warm up

The teacher a song about Spanish speaking countries. The video shows the lyrics and images related to them, making it easier for students to understand what the topic is. After the song, the teacher will ask the students what the countries mentioned in the song have in common.

Student Instructions

Students will sing the song and identify what the topic of the class is. 

2 Game

Free, Paid

The teacher will display the code so students can play Quizlet Live to practice names of countries and their flags. It is encouraged to show their progress on the board so they know how many more right answers they need.

Student Instructions

Students will get in groups and play Quizlet Live to practice the names of Spanish speaking countries in Spanish and their flags. Teamwork is very important for this activity.

3 Speaking

Using the wheel with the group of Spanish speaking countries, students will answer simple questions like what colors are in the country's flag or what if the capital. They need to answer using full sentences and if they have doubts about their answer, they can use a quick Google search since this is a practice activity.

Student Instructions

Students will spin the wheel and answer the question the teacher ask. 

4 Exit card

Activity: Conversing

The teacher will ask simple question using flashcards to see what the students learned during the lesson.

Student Instructions

Before they go, students will answer a quick question about what they learned during the lesson.