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Creating 1800s Real Estate Posters for Westward Expansion in the United States
Randall B.
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Students will be able to...

  1. Apply content information to create an real estate advertisement similar to those of 19th century United States
  2. Use digital tools to create an advertisements
  3. Follow a set of criteria and rubric to complete the assignment
English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 6 – 12
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1 Setup & Organization

  1. Provide each student with a copy of the assignment and review it with the entire class. (Linked in the Resources of this Lesson Flow)
    • Be sure to point out the major requirements of the assignment.
      • Review rubric for grading the posters.
    • Be sure to review the information they are required to have before creating their advertisement.
      • Title or Headline
      • Economic Reasons (Must have at least 2)
      • Where is the location?
      • Name of the Land Company
      • Fully filled out graphic organizer
  2. Show students the example advertisement from Wikipedia.  Point out the important information contained on it as it pertains to the assignment.  (Linked in the Resources of this Lesson Flow)
  3. Allow students to work individually or break off into small groups (no more than 3 per group) to begin their work.

2 Creating the Poster

Google Drive
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  1. Monitor students as they are working individually or in groups to see that they are on the right track with the creation of their advertisement.
Student Instructions
  1. Work to outline their poster information to meet all requirements
  2. Design the poster using art supplies in the classroom or a digital tool (Pages, Word, Google Docs, Publisher, Glogster, etc.)

3 Publishing

Activity: Presenting
  1. View each student's or group's poster as they are presented to the class (either by formal presentation or by simply displaying them in the classroom). 
  2. Provide student or groups with constructive feedback on the poster based on the outlined criteria for the assignment.
  3. Review student or group graphic organizers to ensure that they fully completed their planning process on the poster.
  4. Score each poster on the rubric provided to students during the setup and organization phase. 
Student Instructions
  1. Share completed poster(s) with the class through the means chosen by the teacher.
  2. Ensure graphic organizer has been submitted to the teacher as well for grading purposes.