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PA Lesson /a/

This will be a phonetic awareness lesson to learn the short /a/
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Students will be able to produce the /a/ sound.

Students will be able to provide example words that begin with the /a/ sound.

Students will be able to discrimiante and select words that begin with the /a/ sound from other words when provided two choices.

English Language Arts
Grades Pre-K – K
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1 Advanced Organizer

Activity: Presenting

T: Today we are going to learn something VERY exciting! We are going to learn a new letter sound. We have talked about how each letter in the ABC's represents a sound--and that by learning those sounds we will help get ourselves ready to be GREAT readers. Todays sound is /a/.

2 Model/Demonstrate

T: /a/ is like the sound a baby makes when they are crying. (teacher repeats /a/ sound for students to hear) When we hear this sound we are going to put our hands in fists and put them near our eyes and pretend to cry. This will help us to remember the /a/ sounds like a baby crying.

http://generic.pixmac.com/4/crying-baby-without-people-clipart-76483971.jpg (picture to show of baby crying)

T: Now we will watch our Starfall video on our new letter sound.


3 Guided Practice


T: Let's listen for that short /a/ sound.

(SS listen and sing along with the starfall video while guided by T)

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Creating

T: Now we are going to have an art activity where you will use the dot paint to create an /a/.


While students are creating the /a/ T will ask:

  1. What letter is this?
  2. What sound does it make?
  3. Do you hear a in cat or cut?
  4. Can you give me an example of a word with the /a/ sound?