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Overcoming Anxiety in the Classroom

This lesson is designed to support student social emotional progress toward reduction in elopement and increased coping skills when feeling anxiety in the classroom.
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Students will be able to...

  • Set a personal goal for improvement  in a social skill deficit in appropriately dealing with anxiety in the classroom
  • Identify a replacement behavior to utilize in place of elopement
  • Adopt strategies to support implementation of the replacement behavior
  • Self-monitor progress toward utilizing replacement behaviors  remaining in the classroom.



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Goalbook Toolkit
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Collaborate with the student to crete a goal for personal improvement in the area of remaining in the classroom.

  • Share baseline information with student (at this time, you remain in the classroom 42% of the time.  Peers remain in the classroom 100% of the time).  Where would you ike to be in 6 weeks?
  • Share strategies that will support.
Student Instructions

With Mrs. Dale, plan a goal to help you improve your ability to stay in the classroom.

  • Given your current baseline, choose your 6 week target
  • Which ideas do you think will help yo be successful?


Activity: Exploring

Introduce vocabulary to define the behavior of concern.

Elopement: When  Sam leaves the classroom without permission.  

Give examples:  stepping into the hall, walking to the office or going into the restroom without telling Mrs. Dale, 

Give non-examples:  moving to Mrs. Baker's room when the bell rings,, or going for help in an emergency.

Check for understanding by offering scenarios based on recent events and have student identify if that is an example or non-example of elopement.


Review student schedule for the day using the My Video Schedule app.  Identify areas that he feels may make him anxious.  

Go over scenarios of what to do during these times with student the following Social Stories:

1. Sometimes I Feel Anxious (to identify what anxiety feels like-- Zones of Regulation Lessons).

2. I Am Safe When My Teacher Know Where I Am (to explain the importance of  reducing elopement).

3. I Can Ask for a Break (replacement behavior A)

4. There is a Safe Spot Inside My Room (replacement behavior B).

Returning to the My Video Schedule app, remind the student what the payoff will be if he chooses one of the appropriate replacement behaviors.


Using Zones of Regulation app, have student select an avitar and navigate through potentially triggering times of day.  Practice using replacement behaviors of Ask For a Break and Go to the Safe Spot.


Have associate pre-cue student prior to identified hot spots in schedule (ie. prior to p.e, verbally remind of replacement behaviors)

Student Instructions

Check your Video Schedule.  What is next?  Remember, if you  are feeling  like you are moving into the yellow or red zone, you can:

1. Ask for a break

2. Go to the safe spot in the room

If you choose to remain in the class for the entire period, you will earn 10 minutes of free time at the end of the day.

Begin your task, and after you have finished check it off on your Video Schedule.  Then click to see if you have earned your reward!

At the end of the day, show Mrs. Dale how many minutes you have earned!


During Check-Out time:

1. Go over daily progress via My Video Schedule app, and provide reinforcement earned.  

2. Update progress in Goalbook Toolkit