Lesson Plan

Our town, a node of the 21st Century Village

To prepare for Digital Citizenship Week students will be visiting sites to get to know about what it is, its 9 elements and its importance in this era.
Stella Maris B.
After-school program educator
Academia de Inglés Internacional, Quemú Quemú, La Pampa, Argentina
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My Subjects English Language Arts

Students will be able to:

  • Define digital citizenship.
  • Identify and give examples for the nine elements of digital citizenship.
  • Learn about rights and duties of responsible digital citizens.
  • Create an infographic or presentation with that new learning.
English Language Arts
Grades 10
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1 Direct Instruction : Understanding our global world.

As a whole  year plan, as ESL in my private school is one of the few experiences my students have of integrating ICT in their lessons , it is essential that students receive instruction to interact with global audiences in the digital era.

It is part of my PD and the background they have to let them become literate ,safe and responsible in their interactions.



Student Instructions

Students read a piece of news, watch  a video or tutorial about a trendy element of Digital Citizenship based on social media relevance or students' needs.



2 Guided Practice: Let's share our experiences.

Google Drive
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Concepts are introduced, outlined and  developed in informal debates to assess students' prior knowledge.

The classroom is organized for discussion and scaffolding.

Student Instructions

They are asked to complete quizzes, provide examples, express their thoughts , needs and expectations.

They mentor their peers in the use of language and experience of social interaction.

3 Extended Practice: Let's showcase our findings.

Free, Paid
Free, Free to try, Paid
Free to try, Paid

The teacher assesses students' performance through a rubric and  her own intervention  based on surveys and feedback from students.

The teacher grades students through Edmodo and showcases their productions through the blog: smberdaxagar2010..wordpress.com

This learning path is just a link in their learning. There is a lot to do .

Student Instructions

They create a poster or presentation which contains reflective and metacognitive notes on their learning.

4 Extended Practice: Apply your learning in concrete behavior and customs. Spread the word.

The teacher leaves this segment as a learning path to develop.

Student Instructions

The students review the experience and take notes for further development. It is intended as a timeline and lapse of Digital Citizenship in action.