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Our Online Lives PSA

This is a final activity to wrap up our unit "Our Online Lives Like a Tattoo".
Jenna V.
Classroom teacher
Ripon High School
Ripon, United States
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Students will be able to create a 30-second Public Service Announcement about digital footprints.

English Language Arts
Grades 8 – 9
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1 Direct Instruction

Free, Free to try, Paid
Free, Free to try, Paid

Handout and review student instructions with the class. Direct groups to brainstorm the different things 6th graders need to know about using social media and the internet. As a class, discuss and share the things brainstormed. Then ask each group to decide the most important thing their audience needs to know and share with the class. This will become the main idea of each groups' video. 

Direct each group leader to get a Chromebook and begin working on their videos. Students may use the free app to record their videos on using their phones. Allow at least 3 class periods to complete the video. 

Student Instructions

Our Online Life, Like a Tattoo Final Assignment

In the past month, we’ve learned about digital footprints and how our online activity can have a permanent effect on our lives. With your group, Create a Public Service Announcement for 6th graders via wevideo.com about digital footprints and the affects they can have on a person’s life. Consider the most important information you have learned in this unit and how you will use it to help your kids understand the power of the post! Mr. ______ and Mrs. _______ 6th grade classes will be watching your videos and voting on the following:

  • Most Informative
  • Most Creative
  • Most Entertaining
  • Best Overall

 The link to your video must be submitted by Midnight on Tuesday, September 30th.

How to submit your video:

  1. Once you are finished with your video, hit “Publish”.
  2. You will be sent an email with a link to share your video.
  3. Group leaders then sign in to Edmodo.
  4. Go to the Folder “Our Online Lives Like a Tattoo”
  5. Click on the form, “Our Online Lives, Like a Tattoo Final Assignment”.
  6. Enter all of the group members’ names and copy and paste the link to your video in the space provided.

We will have a film fest in class on Thursday, October 2nd. There will be popcorn!