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Our Changing Earth

Investigate how and why the earth's surface is contantly changing.
Greg M.
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My Grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
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Students will be able to recognize the processes that cause weathering and erosion.

Students will be able to identify the similarities and differences between weathering and erosion.

Students will be able to identify the various effects of weathering and erosion.

Grades 4 – 9
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1 Get Me Engaged and Pre Assess:

Have students engage in a short quiz about the changing earth.  Here is a Kahoot which can be used as quick pre assessment to see where students are.

2 Introduction

Watch this video about how our earth has changed and what has caused that change.  Look closely at the examples given in the video.

3 Explore

Using the “Images of Change” app, browse different areas around the world to find examples of how the earth has changed over time.  Look closely at areas that have glaciers and rivers, as water is a big factor in shaping the earth’s surface. Take screenshots of different examples of the changing earth you find.  The next part of the lesson goes into explaining what you found.

4 Explain

Using Explain Everything (or comparable app) create a screencast of the evidence you find in your picture demonstrating the changing earth.  Try to find more than one example in more than one screenshot.  Once completed share them with your peers!

5 Extention

Look through this excellent article from Kids Discover on erosion and try the activity, with an adult.