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Aimed to teach the basic ways to do an origami rose, origami stars and origami owl.
Mingyang S.
Principal/head of school
Emory University
Atlanta, United States
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My Grades K, 12
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts, World Languages, English Language Learning

1. Learn the history of origami (remembering and understanding (cognitive domain))

2. Understand the basic ways to do simple origami works (understanding, analyzing and organization (cognitive and affective domains))

3. Apply their own knowledge to create innovative origami arts (applying and creating (cognitive domain)

Grades 12
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1 Learn the history of Origami

Play the video to allow students understand brief history of origami. It's especially helpful for students who are spatially intelligent as they are good at analyzing pictures.

Student Instructions

Watch the video and take notes from the video.

2 Learn how to make an origami rose

Play the video and to instruct how to make an origami rose step by step. Assign three groups which of each has five people and ask them to finish five roses with different colors. Finally there is one winner in each group.

Student Instructions

Watch the video and remember how to make an origami rose. Each student cooperates and communicates with team members to make his/her best origami rose.

3 Evaluation

Ask students to text their feelings and opinions on Padlet.

Student Instructions

Think about their own experiences in this class and their self-evaluations, post them anonymously on Padlet.