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Organization of Living Things

Students will be able to know the levels of organization.
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My Grades 7
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Students will be able to...know levels of organization of living things. 

Grades 7
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1 Engage

Free, Paid
Student Instructions

Students will watch video.

2 Explore/Explain

Show the Powerpoint for students.

Student Instructions

Students will watch powerpoint to help fill out the foldable. 

3 Explore/Explain

Activity: Creating

Foldable for levels of organization.

Student Instructions

Students will cut out foldable and fill in definitions and examples using the powerpoint. 

4 Evaluate

What do all living things have in common (5 things)?

What are the levels of organization in living things (smallest to largest)?

Today I learned that _______.


Student Instructions

Answer the questions in complete sentences.