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Order of operations kung fu style

Order of operations using PEMDAS
Sara H.
Special education instructor
Roosevelt High School, Wyandotte, MI
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math

Students will be able to understand and use the order of operations by utilizing the acronym PEMDAS.

Grades 6 – 12
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1 Hook

Activity: Presenting — Students are introduced to the order of operations

Instead standing at the front of the room lecturing the students will watch a video that introduces them to the order of operations and how to utilize the acronym PEMDAS. 

2 direct instruction

Activity: Other — students will begin to understand the process

Students will be instructed in a whole group setting. They will begin it take notes and do teacher made examples that involve the order of operations. This will give them a chance to ask questions and work as a group to solve problems. 

3 guided practice

Activity: Exploring — Students will explore and practice

Students will use Khan Academy to practice various problems using the order of operations. Here they will be given a problem and can check their answer instantly using the site. This gives them instant gratification and helps them to see where they are struggling and need assistance. 

4 Independent practice

Activity: Assessing — Students will be assessed on their understanding

Students will be given a teacher created worksheet with various problems that model the use of PEMDAS. They will work on it on their own so that they can be assessed on what they know and to see if any re-teaching needs to be done. 

5 Wrap-up

Students will pair up and use the app 5 Dice to practice this skill. This offers them a chance to create their own problems and use the order of operations to help solve them. It's a fun interactive way to practice the skill without the normal kill and drill method!