Lesson Plan

Order of Events Lesson

Order of Events/Sequencing

Students will be able to...order events of a story through hands-on activities


English Language Arts
Grades 1 – 2
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1 Hook

The teacher will introduce the topic of order of events to the students through reading a story from the website, Storybird.

2 Guided Practice

The teacher will create an example of a "mind-map" showing how order of events can occur throughout the story.  The teacher will create a variety of "bubbles" in which students will be able to fill in on their own.

3 Independent Practice

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Students will create their own order of events on an iPad using the Popplet app.  Their maps should include a "beginning", "middle", and an "end."  

4 Wrap-Up

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Students will be paired with a partner in which they will then share their popplet with.  Students will compare and contrast their mind maps and order of events charts.  Classroom discussioin will follow.