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This Lesson Flow will teach preschoolers about opposites.
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Students will be able to identify opposites. Students will be able to find opposites in their environment.

English Language Arts
Grades Pre-K – 2
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1 Preparing

Using the link provided above, begin by planning out your lessons and activities. This website gives a lot of suggestions that will help you in each center and even a theme for the whole lesson. One great thing to start with is give all the girls a pink flower and the boys a blue car and they will learn girl is the opposite of boy. Using the second link prepare opposite picture cards to be used in the Introduction to Opposites part.

Student Instructions

Ask your parents to help you make a list of five to ten opposites that they use at work. Draw a picture for each opposite and make an opposite book.

2 Introduction to Opposites

Play the song that is attached above on YouTube called, "Opposites Songs for Children" by the Learning Station. This is a great song to use because it allows the students to respond to the opposites. Using the opposite picture cards created in the first step review the opposites with the students. Use the cards to transition by asking half the group to act as one and the other half act out the opposite. For example, half can move slowly and the other half can move kind of fast.

Student Instructions

Share the song with your parents.

3 Review and Wrap Up

Read a class favorite book and invite the students to call out opposites they can find in the story. A good book to do it with is Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham. This is a book made almost completely of opposites. Using a large sheet of paper list all the opposites you can find in the book.

Student Instructions

Review the list of opposites with your parents.