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Opinion Writing

Opinion Writing with Blended Technology Engagement
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Students will write and type an opinion essay (video/book review) and include: Opinion statement, minimum of 2 reasons of support for their opinion, use linking words such as because/also, and include a concluding statement.

Students will discuss their opinion with peers using agreeded upon rules such as, gaiining the floor respectfully, carefully listening to their partner and speaking one at a time.  Students will be able to make connections with their peers opinions during the conversations and will ask questions to gain clarification and understanding about their classmates opinions.  

Students will use a graphic organizer to plan their writing and will scaffold their thought process which will include: a grammatically correct opinion statement and a minimum of 2 supporting statements.

Using technology (Kidblog) students will accurately correct editing errors with the teacher guidance and support.  Students will read classmates opinions and reply with question and write responses. 

English Language Arts
Grades 1 – 3
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1 Hook

Free, Paid

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkuBIrdi6eE Students will be hooked into the idea of becoming real video reviewer and forming an opinion by watching a short, engaging video. The students (whole class) will watch the Pixar video called, "For the Birds."  Time for viewing - 3:23.   It is suggested that the students view the video a second time in order for them to process and analyze all aspects of the characters actions and problems of their actions.  

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Creating

After reviewing the video several times, the teacher will present 2 questions to the students for them to discuss in small groups or with a partner.  Questions are:  Is it okay or not to make fun of others?   Next, Should young children be allowed to watch this short video clip?   After the discussion, students can watch the video a third time.  Students will make a conclusion if young children should watch this video and then they will write a review about the video. The teacher will form groups to meet with based on their conclusion choice and opinions, then together create an opinion statement based on the opinion.   In small, guided writing groups, the teacher will model and help the students use a graphic organizer to scaffold their thought process and write (with pencil) a statement of opinion in a complete sentence, list reasons of support of their opinion, using linking words (because, and also) to provide a concluding statement about the opinion of the video clip.  The end product will be like an video review for persons to read to help them determine if young children should view the video.

3 Guided Practice with revision and editing

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The students will login into a classroom Kidblog where the teacher has posted the two questions already discussed and will ask them to write a video review about "For the Birds."   The students will use their completed graphic organizer to transfer another draft/typed copy of their opinion of the video clip "For the Birds into Kidblog.  When completed, the teacher will meet with each student to guide their revision and editing process.  This process will take time to complete, but it is valuable and worth the time to complete.  Many times students complete work at different paces, which creates an automatic schedule to meet and confer individually.  This tech tool will be used for the teacher to give guidance and support, to help the student strengthen his/her text by revising and editing the opinion writing through technology.  Kidblog is an online writing tool where students can type text, learn how to insert or delete words to strengthen the topic, to learn how to click the button, "EDIT" and learn how to complete a spell check on the text.  Later, this will become an authentic activity which will motivate the students to give their best effort to the task, so share with the students that real live persons will read these on Kidblog and determine if they will allow young children to view the video.  

4 Independent Practice

Students will independently watch a short video on BrainPOP Jr. or read a book on RazKids, then use a graphic organizer to form an opinion statement to write a video or book review using details of reasons of support and then transfer it to the Kidblog to edit and lastly for others to read and respond too.

5 Wrap up

Activity: Presenting

To wrap up the opinion writing, to celebrate being "Video Reviewers" and to celebrate the completion of the writing task, invite the principal or other school staff to read the opinion/reviews about the video, "For the Birds."   Give visitors a passwork to go into the Kidblog site, ask the adult visitor to read the video reviews and lastly if they were convinced to let young children to watch or not watch the video.  The adults will need to explain what helped them make that decision.  This will give the students feedback about their efforts and work.  Other opinion writing could be read by visitors to receive feedback.  

Another fun option for a Writing Celebration, making the work authentic, and to involve a home connection,  invite parents to read opinions and have parents to reply to the opinion reviews.  A password would have to be given to parent visitors to allow them to view the blog.  ***For caution reminders, Kidblog settings requires all posts to be approved by the teacher or the blog administrator to protect children from inappropriate posts.

Assessments can be teacher driven for evaluation of student work.  Writing rubrics can be used with the final writing product.