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Opinion Writing

TLW be able to write and express thier opinions in writing- using grapic organizers.
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My Grades 1

TLW be able to write and express their opinions in writing- using graphic organizers. TLW express their opinions on their holiday sweater.

English Language Arts
Grades 1
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1 Hook- getting their attention!

TTW introduce the app. TTW show the students how to manipulate the app- by taking pictures and dragging the sweater into the frame.

Student Instructions

TLW explore app. By taking pictures of partners and creating sweaters.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Presenting

TTW model expression her opinion. She will use a graphic organizer to organizer her thoughts onto the SmartBoard. TTW explain how to write your opinions onto an organizer.

Student Instructions

Think-Pair- Share. Students will practice expression their opinion on Mrs. White's sweater- should she keep it or donate it and back up their reasoning.

3 Guided Practice

TTW pull groups to practice using a graphic organizer. TTW work with students on how to form a strong opinion.

Student Instructions

Students will work with Blendspace- http://blnds.co/1tV1M0p

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Creating

TTW monitor progress.

Student Instructions

TLW generate their ideas from their graphic organizer to their drafts.

5 Wrap-Up

Free, Paid

TTW distribute a Kahoot quiz!

Student Instructions

Students will participate in a Kahoot quiz on opinion.