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Open art studio classroom

Tools to use to help facilitate a TAB classroom
Donald P.
Classroom teacher
Mooresville High School
Mooresville, United States
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
My Subjects Arts

Students will be able to...

Understand the role of planning in solving artistic problems.

Create personal, symbolic expression as a means of communication (original, visual language).

Understand the appropriate and safe use of tools, media, and equipment.

Exemplify characteristics of different artistic processes.

Understand how art is used to document human experience.

Analyze the collaborative process in the creation of art.

Use teacher-generated criteria to evaluate personal art

Grades 9 – 12
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1 Direct Instruction - Introduction to tools and processes

Teacher uses a variety of tools to introduce students to different artistic processes. 

Folders can be set up in Google Classroom with links to specific artworks in Google Art Project, videos from Khan Academy, Smarthistory and Youtube to allow students to review and learn new art techniques as they relate to specific artworks.

Teacher uses these tools to conduct 'boot camps' to allow students to learn new techniques and art tools

Student Instructions

Students use files set up by teacher in Google Classroom to review and learn new tools

2 Independent practice - Students show learning

Teacher uses Google Classroom to keep up with student research and documentation of students learning process.

Student Instructions

Students use a digital documentation tool like Blendspace or Smore to document their learning of new techniques and tools. 

Students take pictures and document not only their actual artwork but also the research they have done on techniques, artists. Students also document any references they have used in their artwork.

Students use Google Classroom to provide links to their documentation for the teacher to review

3 Wrap-up - Student feedback on learning

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Teacher uses feedback tools such as Padlet to get guided feedback on student learning.

Teacher provides guided questions for students to respond to.

Student Instructions

Students respond to questions provided by teacher to give feedback on their personal learning.