Lesson Plan

Online Safety

Students identify rules of Online Safety and explain how the rules can be followed or broken.
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Students will be able to...

  • Identify 5 rules of online safety
  • Describe why online safety is important to practice
  • Visually explain ways that the rules are followed or broken
English Language Arts
Grades 3
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1 Online Safety Intro Video

  1. Play the BrainPOP video for students as a whole group.
  2. After watching the video, ask students to identify some of the rules in the video



Student Instructions
  1. The group of students identifies rules that were described in the video

2 Rules Followed, Rules Broken Make-A-Map

  1. Prompt students to log into BrainPOP with their credentials. Students work independently.
  2. Show them how to find the Make-a-Map tool
  3. Show students the basics of using the tools for the purpose of the assignment
  4. Instruct each student to include the following in their Make-a-Map
    1. A clip of the video that identifies a rule of online safety
    2. A subtopic that states "Rule Followed"
    3. A subtopic that states "Rule Broken"
    4. A node from the subtopic "Rule Followed" with a list of 1 example of how the rule is followed
    5. A node from the subtopic "Rule Broken" with one example of how the rule is broken


Student Instructions
  1. Students log into the BrainPOP accounts and use the Make-a-Map tool under the Online Safety Topic. Students are to work independently.
  2. After learning the basics, students begin to put their Make-a-Map together

3 How Can We Practice Online Safety at Home and School?

Activity: Investigating
  1. Assign students into groups of 3
  2. Instruct students to discuss ways that they can practice online safety when they are at home
  3. Inform them that they have 5 minutes to discuss the topic. When 5 minutes are up, they will discuss their ideas with the whole class.
Student Instructions
  1. Students break into groups of 3
  2. Students spend 5 minutes discussing how they can practice internet safety at home
  3. when the time is up, a student from the group must share an idea that they discussed.