We're retiring teacher-created lesson plans in September 2021. Please save copies for your records. Common Sense digital citizenship lessons are here to stay.
Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

Online Etiquette

Introductory Lesson to proper online behavior.
Jill S.
Technology coordinator
Lancaster Central School District
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My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts

Students will be able to understand the difference between an online classroom and a social network.

Students will be able to post appropriate information.

Students will be able to practice digital etiquette.

Students will be tested on their understanding of digital etiquette.

Students will fill out a netiquette contract.


English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 9
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1 Introduction

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Over the next couple of months we are going to use My Big Campus to study not only various topics but also how to communicate in an online environment.  The further you get in your education, the more likely you are to be assigned schoolwork that is completely digital in nature. This is a chance for you to practice working within what we call a Learning Management System or an Online Classroom.  

The first thing we need to do, is talk about the difference between, My Big Campus (an online learning environment) and Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc... (Social Networks).  Please watch the following video to get a better understanding of what is expected in our My Big Campus classroom.

My Big Campus vs. Facebook

2 What Should I Post in an Online Environment?

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We want to make sure that we are NOT posting things which are distracting to our purpose, which is learning, Only the information which pertains to what we are learning in class should be posted in My Big Campus.  Please watch the following video which may help to clear this up a bit.  

If I Don't Post it Online Did it Really Happen?

3 Netiquette

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Please watch the video. Then click on the website link and complete the quiz

Digital Etiquette

Betty"s Netiquette Quiz



4 What did you learn?

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 Think of one thing that you learned from yesterday and post it on the following discussion board.