Lesson Plan

Online Current Events Discussion

Students will read, analyze and discuss current events with their peers.
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Students will be able to identify current events. Students will be able to connect current event to their learning. Students will be able to ask thoughtful questions in a respectful manner. 

Social Studies
Grades 7 – 12
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1 Prepare Students for Online Discussions

Post the following question to your students: What should the groundrules be when participating in an online discussion forum?

Student Instructions

Students respond. 

2 Introduce Resources

New York Times App
Free, Free to Try, Paid

This can be done in a few ways depending on the needs of your students. I generally give my students three choices for where they can get their news. For example, we have a subscription to the New York Times. Help the students login to the sites if required. You can also use Flipboard or another RSS reader to help direct students. 

Student Instructions

Login to news sites as directed by teacher.

3 Discussion

Post the following instructions on Classroom. 

Find and read a news article related to (insert topic) using the (insert sites). Write a summary that includes three things you learned while reading the article, two implications of the events described in the learning (or two connections to prior learning), and one question you have about the article. Be certain include a link to the article or the name of the newspaper, date and page number.

Student Instructions

Students complete assignment.