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Onion Root

Lab Practice of Mitosis
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Students will be able to...

Describe how mitosis is related to the growth and development of an organism.

Analyze and explore the phases of mitosis in a root cell.


Grades 7
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1 Do Now

Activity: Reading

Students are to transition into science by taking out their science notebook and writing down the homework in their agenda books.

Post the do now on the board and set the time for 5 minutes for students to complete the do now .

Do Now:  why is it important for a cell to duplicate its chromosomes before division. 

Once the timer goes off students are to share their answers.

Student Instructions

Students will copy down the homework in their agendas and start working on their do now. 

When students are done they will look over the class objective and the the essential questions.

Once the timer goes off students will share their answers to the class.

2 Hook

Activity: Conversing

Mitosis, what a wonderful thing!  Where would we be if it weren’t for this amazing process of growth?  Today, we get to explore the phases of mitosis in root cells.

Ask the students: "So where would we be if it weren't for mitosis? What exactly is mitosis?" 

Students are to turn and talk to their partner for 1 minute.

Set the timer to 1 minute

 Start a class discussion whether they agree, disagree  or add on with their peers answers

Student Instructions

Students will turn and talk to their partner and answer the questions. 

Students will share out what they talked to their partner about 

Students will participate in the class discussion and have a positive contribution to their peers response.

3 Guided Practice

Prezi presentation on mitosis vocabulary.

PowerPoint presentation on the expectations for the lab and review on Chromebook usage. 

Spend some time introducing the students to the website and modeling how to navigate through it briefly. Show them how to zoom into the website if they are having trouble. The students should have minimal amounts of questions once they begin since all the instructions are written in their lab packet.



Student Instructions

Students are to write down the mitosis vocabulary words and the definition in their science notebooks.

Students are to pay attention to the presentation so they understand what is expected of them during the lab.

4 Independent Practice

Students will navigate their way through a lab on their laptops about recognizing phases of mitosis in onion root cells.  They will appropriately categorize the phases with the purpose of seeing which phases occur what percentage of the time.

Student Instructions

Students will follow these steps in order to complete the lab. 

1.Go to: www.biology.arizona.edu and click on “Onion Root Tips”

2.Read the information on the first page. This will help you draw conclusions later.

3.Click next, several times, until a picture of an onion cell appears/

4.Click on the phase that you think the cell is in. You will be told if you are correct. If you are incorrect a clue will be given to help you determine the right answer.

5.Do this for all 36 cells.

6.After classifying all 36 cells according to the phase they are in, transfer the data onto the table in your lab notebook.

 7.Calculate the percentages for how long each cell spends in each phase using 36 as your sample size.


Percentage    =    Number of cells / 36   x 100%

5 Wrap up/ Exit Ticket

Facilitate the Chromebook clean up. 

Review the Onion Lap and show the class a video of mitosis.

Go over what was just seen. Have a quick class discussion.

Hand out exit ticket 5 minutes before class is over 

Set timer to five minutes.



Student Instructions

Students are to neatly and carefully put their Chromebooks away in the cart and go back to their seats and wait for everyone to back in their seats. 

Students are to pay attention to the video and make carefully observations on mitosis.

Students are to contribute to what was just seen in a class dicussion

Once students receive their exit ticket they are to answer the following question:

Why is it important for a cell to duplicate its chromosomes before division?