Lesson Plan

On a Manhunt!

Teaching "The Most Dangerous Game" with Emphasis on Mood and Propaganda Techniques
Suzy L.
Technology coordinator
Cherokee County Schools
Canton, United States
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Students will be able to:

  1. Read and comprehend a complex test.
  2. Practice mood, main idea, and figurative language.
  3. Identify examples of propaganda and create their own.
English Language Arts
Grades 9 – 12
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1 Activating Strategies

Free, Free to try, Paid

Have students complete this hunting Think-Pair-Share:

  • What is your attitude toward hunting?​
  • Why?​
  • Be prepared to share with a partner and then aloud.

To "tech" this up a level, students could share on Padlet after they've discussed with a partner.


2 Vocabulary

  1. The teacher will review these main concepts with students before reading, which she will want to have posted on a word wall:
  • Main idea​
  • Summary​
  • Annotate (annotation)​


2.  Using Sway, students will collect words and do the following linked activity as they read the story, to review mood, figurative language, and unknown vocabulary.


3 Teaching the Story

Free, Paid

Students will read the story, either as a class out loud, in small groups, or along with an audio version.

Review main idea with students, using slide 6 of this presentation as a guideline.

Hand out the propaganda ad directions linked below.  For the first page, have students watch these videos (email me for the link) and complete the graphic organizer.  

They will then complete page two, the propaganda ad.



4 Assessment

Create a poll on PollEverywhere, and have students vote for the best propaganda ad.  You will still grade them using the rubric attached in the teaching section.

I would also have students help with "grading" the Sways.  This would be a great BYOD activity.  Have students evaluate each other's Sways using their phones and something like an Excel Survey or Google Form.  I don't have one pre-made but will be glad to help if you need it:)

I don't grade the rest of the activities in this lesson, but the story would be covered on a test or quiz.