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Ocean Zones

Students will learn about the 5 different ocean zones and creatures in each zone.
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(Unit Goal) Students will be able to identify 5 of the ocean zones and characteristics about each zone. 
(Day 1): Students will be able to identify the sunlit zone and name a creature that lives in the sunlit zone. 

English Language Arts
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

A class discussion will be held after the video. The teacher will ask the following question:

1. What do you know about the sunlit zone? 
2. Have you ever seen a creature that lives in the sunlit zone?

2 Direct Instruction

The teacher will briefly review each of the five ocean zones. The teacher will then star the zone we will be discussing today (sunlit zone). Students will keep the zone worksheet as a reference for the rest of the unit. 

Student Instructions

Students will take the quiz on the ocean zone worksheet to test their initial knowledge of each ocean zone. 

3 Independent Practice

The teacher will explain that students be split into groups and will choose one animal from the sunlit zone. Students will create a poster using popplet with a picture of the animal and three facts about the animal. 

Student Instructions

The popplet poster must contain the following:

1. Picture of animal
2. 3 Facts about the ocean creature

The creature must be from the sun light zone. 

4 Guided Practice

Activity: Investigating

The teacher will have students share their animals with the students at their table. 

Student Instructions

The students will take notes on the different sunlit animals in their science journal. This should be in the same section that students wrote facts about the sunlit zone at the beginning of class. 

5 Wrap Up

Free, Paid

The teacher will ask students to choose their favorite sunlit zone animal and share with the members of their group. A poll will be taken to see which animal each child liked. The app used for this will be kahoot. Students will have to share the ipads with their group to take the poll. 

After students are finished presenting the teacher will review the sunlit zone on the sheet given from class. The teacher will then inform students of the next zone they will be learning about tomorrow. 

Student Instructions

Students must come up with at least two reasons why the animal is their favorite.