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Numeracy: Numbers 0-5

Student Representation of Numbers 0-5
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Students will be able to...

  • read, write, and represent numbers to 5
  • count a set of objects to 5
  • recognize small groups of objects
  • generate a set equal to a number
  • compose numbers to 5
Grades Pre-K – 1
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1 Hook

Free, Free to Try

Go to Kindergarten Number Games. Then click on Number Match.

Students will count objects and match the corresponding number. 

Concentrate on 1-to-1 correspondance and identifying the correct number. 


2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Exploring

Handout number bracelets. Each bracelet should have 3 pony beads on it.

Students will explore all the different ways they can make 3 by manipulating the pony beads around on the bracelet. Teacher will model how to record thier answers on the smart board and students will record thier answers on their desk(dry erase comes off) or whiteboard.. Allow students to explore until they have all found at least 2 ways to make 3. Monitor students for understanding. Model vocabulary: compose, count, addition sentence, etc.

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Exploring

Students will add 2 pony beads to thier bracelets. They will work with a partner to find all the ways to make the number 5. They will record thier answers on an answer sheet. Focus on students writing thier number sentences correctly and listen for students using math vocablary (reward with a stamp on paper).

Students will use the recording app on the ipad to record eachother explain all the ways they made the number 5.

Students who finish early can work with another number greater than 5.

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Creating

Students will work in groups to create mini anchor charts for the numbers 1-5. They can use any types of media (magazines, ipads, newspapers, five frames, craft sticks, etc.) they choose to represent thier numbers. (Ex: they may have the number 5 and choose to take a pic. of thier hand to show 5) They MUST show all the ways to make that number on the anchor chart. So if they are working on number 5....they must have number sentences or drawings to show composing numbers (such as 2+3) on the anchor chart.

Students can come up with any way to make the number. Allow them to be creative. 

5 Wrap-Up

Activity: Presenting

Students can share thier vidoes with another group.

Each student will count the number of stamps they recieved for using math vocabulary (also reviews 1-to-1 correspondance) Student with the most stamps gets a reward! 

Students will go to math centers.

Teacher will work in small groups with students who need more help understanding concept.