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Numbers to 1000

Exploring numbers to 1000
Melissa M.
Classroom teacher
P.S. 69 Daniel D Tompkins
Staten Island, United States
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My Grades 2
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts, English-Language Learning, Health & Wellness

Students will be able to...
~group tens as hundreds
~name number values of digits in ones, tens and hundreds

Grades 2
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1 Hook

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HOOK/ATTENTION GETTER: Instructor captures student interest and connects with prior knowledge and experience.
~Introduce the lesson by playing the Flocabulary videoon place value to introduce the vocabulary and review previous knowledge of place value. Have a Tens and Ones bracket on the smartBoard or easel ready to go or on a chart to refer to when asking students questions about how the value of a number changes in the different place value.

Student Instructions

What is place value? How does the value of a number change when it is in the ones? Tens?

2 Direct Instruction

DIRECT INSTRUCTION: Instructor shares knowledge, concepts, theories, and vocabulary with students.
~Have the place value ready for hundreds but covered as this is the focus of the activity today.