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Numbers Can Be Very Odd . . . and Even

Students analyze and reflect on even/odd number patterns in the addition table.
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While at the teacher station, students will:

  • explore, discover, and identify even and odd number patterns in an addition table and explain them using properties of operations.

While visiting other math stations, students will:

  • practice addition and subtraction fact families.
  • do self-paced practice in Operations & Algebraic Thinking.
  • work and narrate problems that illustrate one or more rules of adding even and odd numbers.
Grades 3
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1 Hook

Time: 6 mins.

Show the BrainPOP, Jr. video, Even and Odd. At the appropriate time in the video, have students skip count with the video. 

At the end of the video, ask students to share some of the patterns explained in the video. Explain that at the teacher station today, students will analyze more number patterns.

2 Station Rotation 1 - Fact Practice

Time: 15 mins.

Set up this station with iPads and student instructions. Have students wear headphones or turn off music.

This station presumes that students have already been introduced to Hungry Fish and have created their own fish.

Student Instructions

These instructions posted at the station:

  1. Find your fish on your assigned iPad.
  2. As you play the game, look for the patterns. Only certain number combinations equal the number on the fish.

3 Station Rotation 2 - Self-paced math practice

Free, Paid

Time: 15 mins.

Set up this station with Chromebooks, computers, or iPads equipped with headphones. Include student instructions.

This station presumes that students have previously worked with Front Row, and can now work independently.

Student Instructions

These instructions posted at the station:

  1. Log in to Front Row math.
  2. Choose the black box.
  3. Do you best!

4 Station Rotation 3 - Show What You Know

Time: 15 mins.

Set up this station with iPads open to a blank whiteboard in Explain Everything.

  • The devices at this station should be equipped with earbuds that have microphones.
  • Ideally this station is on the back porch of the classroom or in a far corner, so that students who are recording don't disturb classmates.
  • A parent helper would be good for this station.

Display a worksheet with 6 problems. (The one I used was generated by Front Row math, specifically for this Common Core math standard.) Students should select one problem, write it on the virtual whiteboard and then work the problem while narrating aloud their steps and reasoning.

Student Instructions

These instructions posted at the station:

  1. Choose one problem from the worksheet and write it on the whiteboard app on the iPad.
  2. Use your finger or a stylus to write.
  3. Press the record button to record yourself explaining the steps you take to solve the problem. Make sure to explain every step your take to solve the problem.
  4. If you have time, do another problem on a clean whiteboard.

5 Station Rotation 4 - Addition Patterns

Activity: Investigating

Time: 15 mins.

Use this activity found at Illustrative Mathematics.

Print the addition table shown on the web page.

Lead a small group discussion with students, using the questions listed below the table. Display the three questions on a small poster.

  1. Give students a copy of the addition table and ask them to highlight only the even numbers. What type of pattern emerges?
  2. Use chits or cubes in two different colors to demonstrate the patterns show on the Illustrative Math web page.
  3. Lead the rest of the discussion as shown on the web page.
  4. Ask students to summarize what they discovered, using the three original questions displayed on the small poster.


6 Whole Class Wrap-up

Activity: Assessing

Time: 5 mins.

Prepare 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock like this:

  • 3 cards with the word "EVEN" and 3 with the word "ODD"
  • 1 card with an addition sign, 1 with a subtraction sign, and 1 with an equal sign

Say: "As you were working today in all the stations, you saw many patterns. Turn to your neighbor and share one pattern you saw."

Say: "The video at the beginning of class, and the work you did when you came to my station, focused on some patterns we see with even and odd numbers."

Ask for volunteers to come up 3 at a time. Place even and odd cards, along with the +, -, and = sign cards, on board rail or stick to board with magnets. Have students select and hold cards and arrange themselves to create one true equation. (See possibilities below.) Allow several groups of students to come and show another possibility.

  • even + even = even
  • even - even = even
  • odd + odd = even
  • odd - odd = even
  • odd + even = odd
  • odd - even = odd
  • even + odd = odd
  • even - odd = odd