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Numbers 1-5

Students will count objects 1-5
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Students will be able to...

count a set of objects 1-5

use objects to represent numbers

match pictures of the same number of objects


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1 Hook

Introduce the lesson to the whole class by showing this counting video on a SmartBoard or screen.  Have the children stand up and count and jump to the song.  Repeat at least once to make sure everyone understands the song.  Explain that today during centers that they will come over to the table to  play games about the numbers 1-5.  

2 Guided Practice

Activity: Investigating

Materials for each student:  a soft die with the number 6 hidden, a pile of animal counters and an ice cube tray for each student

In a small group setting of 5-6 children have them  roll a die (cover up the number 6) and they will place one animal in the ice cube tray space for each dot on the die.  For example:  If they roll a 3, then 3 animals are placed in 3 different spaces on the tray.  They will play until they fill their tray up two times.  This may be done in pairs if you want to focus on cooperative play.

3 Independent Practice

Materials needed:  iPad for each student, headphones for each student

Students will go to the app Beast 123 on their student iPad and play the game.  It is sequenced the same each time so everyone will do the same thing.  The teacher will monitor the progress during their game exploration.

4 Wrap up

Activity: Assessing

Students will complete the worksheet matching the number on the die to the correct object.  The child may take the worksheet home to show parents.  During center time there could be other iPads available for the students to access the Beast 123 game again or play math games on ABCmouse.com.