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Numbers 0-10

Recognizing, reading, writing numbers 0-10
Trish G.
Classroom teacher
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My Grades K

Students will be able to read the number words zero-ten

students will be able to write their numbers 0-10.

students will be able count 0-10

students will be able to recognize their numbers 0-10

Grades K
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1 Hook

Activity: Broadcasting

I will be using a youtube video as a hook to start my lessons on number 0-10.



Student Instructions

Students will engage and sing along with the number rap.  I will play this before each new number that I introduce.  I will spend 2-3 days per number

2 guided practice

Activity: Broadcasting

I will introduce the number 1 on a poster board in the front of the classroom. 

Teacher asks how many stickers should we place on the number 1, how many tally marks, how many circles should we color in a tens frame and how to spell the number word.

Teacher will model pages 1-4 with students and complete whole group unitl the class is aware of the pattern with journal packets 0-10.  Each number will spend aleast two days mastering them.

Packets contain: tracing number, tracing the number word, writing the number,writining the number word, tally marks, tens frame and drawing pictures that depict what number we are on.  We then will dab dots to indicate the number we are learning.  They will find both the number and number word throughout a block of hidden items and we as a group will write a sentence that is using our number of the day along with our high frequency words learned.

Brain break we will count to 100 using youtube video.


Student Instructions

Students are instructed to trace their big number 1.

students are now instructed to place ONE sticker on the number 1 and that each number we learn, we will put that amount of stickers on the cover of our number journal.

Students will follow the teachers instructions for each page and watch teacher model each page before they complete them.


3 wrap up

Activity: Broadcasting


Students will use their white boards while watching this youtube video and write their numbers 0-10 so I can check for assessment.

Student Instructions

Students will follow directions on video and write their numbers on the white boards.