Lesson Plan

Number Sentences

We will be solving addition word problems.

Students will be able to...

*solve a word problem? (Write a number sentence.)

*and write a number sentence helpful when trying to solve the problem.

Grades 1
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1 hook

       Activate Prior Knowledge (T manual page 57)

Review joining groups. Ask a child to hold 3 books. Then ask another child to hold 4 books. Ask the children to join their groups. Discuss with the class how they can find the sum of 3 books and 4 books.

2 Direct Instruction

Free, Paid

Teaching Strategy:

       Sharing Story Problems (T manual page 57A)

Materials: 6 small stuffed animals

Choose a child to act out this story using stuffed animals. There are 4 animals on the table. 2 more animals join them. How many animals are there in all? Ask children what they need to find out. (How many animals there are in all)
Then ask what numbers are in the story problem. (4,2) Help children say the addition sentence that will help them find the sum. (4+2=6)
Invite children to use the animals to act out other story problems.
For each story problem, ask: What should you do to solve the problem? (Write a number sentence.) Why is writing a number sentence helpful when you are trying to solve the problem? (It tells the number in each group and the sum.)

Student Math Book Pages – 57 & 58

Guided Practice- Complete page 57 as a whole group (use overhead or projector).

Independent Practice- Have Ss complete page 58 independently or with a partner if needed. Circulate room to provide help when needed.

3 Summarizing Strategy

Summarizing Strategy:

    Journal Idea (T manual page 58)

Have children write an addition sentence to go with this problem. “Tim has 9 baseball cards. He gets 3 more cards. How many cards does Tim have in all?” (9+3=12)


Use Test Taking Practice 2-6.


Reteaching 2-6 (R 2-6) and Practice 2-6 (P 2-6)

Optional: Enrichment 2-6 (E 2-6) or Problem Solving 2-6 (PS 2-6)