Lesson Plan

Number Bonds to 10

This is a lesson which will be taught in a classroom with 1:1 iPads. In this lesson, students will be reintroduced to the concept of number bonds. They will make use of technology in order to complete number bonds and solve addition problems. .
Aleria A.
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Sidney Elementary School, Sidney, IA
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My Grades K
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Students will be able to...

  • Create a complete number bond (Part+Part=Whole)
  • Write an equation based off of a number bond(Part+Part=Whole)
Grades K
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The teacher will begin by explaining how sometimes we use number bonds to solve equations using "part + part = whole."

The teacher will then show the "Secret Agent Number Bond" video found on YouTube to refresh students' memory and get prepare them for listening.

Student Instructions

The students will be sitting at the rug near the Promethean Panel where they will watch the "Secret Agent Number Bond" video.


Our class room is equipped with a Promethean Board.

Using the teacher shared resource, "Number Bond Addition" flipchart from Promethean Planet, the teacher will begin by showing students the blank number bond and asking volunteers to identify the whole and the two parts of the number bond.


Student Instructions

After a short discussion that part+part= whole, students will take turns filling out two to three number bond examples on the Promethean Planet flipchart "Number Bond Addition" during the guided practice portion of the lesson.


Using the same resource obtained from Promethean Planet, the teacher will instruct the students to work collaboratively to complete practice number bonds.

Students will take turns coming up to the Promethean Panel to complete the number bonds and corresponding equations shown on the "Number Bond Addition" flipchart.

Teacher will monitor and give students feedback.


Teacher will direct students in finding the "Number Bond Blasters" app on their individual iPads.

After locating the app on their iPads, students will work independently on the addition skill practice until prompted to stop.

Teacher will monitor  and give students feedback while they are using their iPads.