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NS 7.1: Mixed Review of Rational Numbers

SWBAT practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing integers
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SWBAT practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing integers

Grades 7
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1 Warm Up

Activity: Other — app called Exit Ticket (et)

1) Teacher will project the do now using Exit Ticket. It will include 4 strategic problems that will inform the teacher of student progress.

2) Teacher received live data on how students are performing. This is a critical time to address student misconceptions with the whole group.


2 Group Work

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1) Teacher puts a new problem on each slide of increasing difficulty.

2) Students work in partners.

3) Students are encouraged to write down their work and submit their answer by writing/taking a picture, or multiple choice if that's available. 

4) After each question, the teacher may choose to share a group's answer with the rest of the class and facilitate a discussion. 

3 Independent Practice

IXL - Math and English
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Students practice the skills on their own ipad. There is no sound.

4 Closing

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End the class in an exciting note with a competition. These questions will test for concepts, procedures, and vocab.