Lesson Plan

Novel Study Google Slides Project

Students work in small groups on a novel study project and complete a project on Google Slides related to their book. We display their Google Slides presentation in the school after project completion. This is a 3-4 week project.
Jenn W.
Technology coordinator
Thomas Jefferson Elementary School
Valparaiso, United States
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My Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science

Students will be able to...

  • demonstrate knowledge of new vocabulary, and how to use it, from their novels

  • use evidence from a story to make inferences

  • identify problems and their solutions in their novel

  • identify causes and effects from their novel

  • express their opinion of their novel and support it with evidence from the text

  • use technology skills to create a Google Slides presentation incorporating text boxes, images, and formatting

English Language Arts
Grades 3 – 5
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

*** NOTE: if your district blocks email or resources from outside your domain for students, you will want to open the template and make a copy for yourself in your teacher Google Drive by going to "File - Make a Copy".  Then share that copy out to students.  Some students have requested access that can't be given because the district restricts shares from outside their comain.

I share the example project from another year with the kids.  That alone is often enough to get them very interested.  Then we copy the template into our own Google Drives.  I don't go over the whole thing at the beginning.  As we do pieces of the project, I introduce the specific slides they will be working on.  

Student Instructions

We are going to start a very fun project to share with our whole school about the novels you are reading.  We know that one great way to find a book we like is by the recommendations of others, so maybe you can inspire others to read your novel!

2 Direct Instruction and Guided Practice

Activity: Conversing

Because this is a long project, I will not list each day's lessons here.  I choose one part of the project to work on for a few days or however long is needed.  For example, we work on inferences.  First I will model the skill with our read aloud.  Then I have the kids work in groups to come up with inferences from our read aloud.  I show that section of the example project.  When I meet with their small groups, we do more inferences as a small group using their group book (novels are at different levels).  Only after all this exposure do they then go back and do some on their own to put into their own projects about their novel study book.  I follow this procedure for each step.  The first time they may do 2 inferences.  After we have practiced, I have them make 1 inference per day, but we add another section.  Maybe the next time we will do the same with vocab.  I conference and give them feedback as we go.  We have Canvas, so kids submit a URL as their "assignment" so that I can constantly see their progress as they work and provide ongoing feedback rather than just at the end of the project.  At the end, we put our chromebooks on display for others to view our slideshows.