Lesson Plan

Nouns and Articles in Spanish

This lesson will help students identify the gender and number of nouns to use the correct corresponding article.

Students will be able to...

• recognize nouns in Spanish and determine their gender or number.

•recognize articles, their meanings, and their intended uses.

•manipulate the gender and number of articles to match their paired nouns.

World Languages
Grades 4 – 12
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1 Brainstorm

Display six different wordles on the board: an article wordle, a noun wordle, a plural wordle, a singular wordle, a feminine wordle, and a masculine wordle. Give students 5- 10 minutes to brainstorm and discuss the rules for each category.

2 Articles and nouns

Free, Paid

Students will watch a short YouTube video that cleverly explains nouns and articles and how they relate through their gender and number. They can answer discussion questions through Vialogues. 

3 Application

Students will pair up and choose an audio book to read from Story Place and use the articles and nouns in the story to create a graphic organizer involving categorization and manipulation of articles, gender, and number. 

4 Check

Activity: Assessing

Students will complete an exit slip without notes filling in the appropriate article in a sentence. 

5 Homework

Students will use Voice Thread to  provide the indicated article and noun orally in Spanish.. This is to be completed at home and feedback will be provided ASAP.