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Not Your Ordinary Book Report

Students will create a slideshow book review.
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Students will be able to...

Record his or her understanding/knowledge by creating pictures . . . 
Use the vocabulary within the a story to describe 
Generate ideas and plans for writing by using _____ (brainstorming, clustering, etc.). 
Edit a draft for a specific purpose .
Re-tell in his/her own words.
Summarize the plot 
Make inferences from the text . 
Represent textual information by (drawing, painting, etc.) 
Recognize and list the literary devices found in a story.
State an opinion using examples from the text to support the opinion
Compare the experience of a character in a text to his or her own life
List the primary plot details in the story

English Language Arts
Grades 4 – 6
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1 Hook

  1. Introduce this activity by presenting a Buncee page created to share information about a book club story.
  2. Explain that this is no ordinary book report.



2 Guided Practice

Students will use Trello to organize the following required information from their story (students may collaborate with book club members through the app):

  • Plot of the story
  • Main Characters
  • Vocabulary from the story
  • images that represent events or characters in the story
  •  Compare events or characters from the story to your own life.  
  • Literary Devices found in the text.

Take this time to introduce Trello to students and assist in signing up for an account.  Students will need email address to sign up.   

Student Instructions

Create your account in Trello and set up a board using the following as headings for each list: (you may add a members to your board by clicking on the "add member" tab and adding members by email)

  • Plot of the story
  • Main Characters
  • Vocabulary from the story
  • images that represent events or characters in the story
  •  Compare events or characters from the story to your own life
  • Literary Devices found in the text.

3 Independent Practice

Students will create an account in Buncee and create their first show using their Trello board as a tool.

Student Instructions
  1. Create an account in Buncee.
  2. Create your first Buncee by using the information you collected in your Trello.  


4 Wrap up

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Set up a table in Google Docs or Sheets and share the link for students to share their Buncee links once they are complete. 

Not Your Ordinary Book Report
Student Name Buncee Link


Student Instructions

You will share a link to your Buncee as directed by your teacher.