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NoRedInk Commas

Comma assessment
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
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Students will learn the importance of commas and the first 3 rules for proper use.

Students will be able to identify coordinating conjunctions and comma splices.

Students will practice the comma rules by completing practice activities and a formative quiz.

English Language Arts
Grades 9
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1 Set/Connection with Prior Knowledge(5 minutes)

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Students will be directed to a short Nearpod presentation that will help them review the first 3 comma rules and practice their usage.

This builds on a comma lesson which will have been covered the prior day. Comma rules discussed will be: 1. commas separating a list of items, 2. commas between adjectives, and 3. commas separating independent clauses.


Student Instructions

Complete the Nearpod practice to review comma usage in preparation for our NoRedInk activity.

2 Direct instruction and guided practice (15-20 minutes)

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Students should now proceed to NoRedInk and complete the practice quiz portion of the assignment. 

As they do so the instructor should circulate throughout the room to monitor student progress and answer any questions.

Students should either copy and paste or write down the more odd or silly sentences that the quiz generates.

Student Instructions

Now everyone needs to proceed to the NoRedInk website and complete the quiz that is labeled "Commas Practice." 

This should take about 15-20 minutes.

As you work on this I will be walking around the room to answer any questions that you might have about commas.

Some of the sentences that you get may be especially odd or silly. When you encounter especially weird ones I would like you to either copy and paste it into a separate document or write them down. We will be doing an activity with them at the end of class so everyone will need one.

3 Independent practice (20-25 minutes)

Free, Paid

Students will now continue on to the NoRedInk quiz. Since this is a formative assessment they will be asked to save their questions until they have completed it.

Student Instructions

As you finish the practice I want you to continue to the quiz labeled "Comma Quiz Rules 1-3."

Please save any questions that you may have until the end.

4 Wrap-up

Have students create a meme using the most bizarre or silly sentence that was generated in their quizzes. 

They should share the link in the Google Doc labeled "Exit Ticket." 

Student Instructions

Create a meme with the silliest or most bizarre sentence from your quiz and submit the url in Google Classrooms via the document labeled "Exit Ticket"